Replacement Parts and Accessories

We recommend the pre- and post-filters on your Sierra system be changed every 6-12 months. The membrane cartridge should be changed every 12 months. This ensures that you will have consistently high quality drinking water. Depending on the characteristics of your local tap water, you may need to change the filters earlier or later. The best way to determine when to change the membrane cartridge is to test your water with the HM Digital TDS Water Quality Tester. We recommend the membrane cartridge be changed whenever the TDS reduction drops below 85%.



Special Offer
Includes the Sierra Prefilter (104381), 36gpd RO Membrane (104583), and Postfilter (104382) plus the TDS Water Quality Tester (100877). More info.

PN: 104277


Save $26.75


Special Offer
Includes the Sierra Prefilter (104381), the 36gpd Membrane (104583) and the Postfilter (104382). More info.

PN: 104207


Save $22.05



PN: 104381



36 gpd RO Membrane*

PN: 104583




PN: 104382



Chrome Faucet

PN: 103242



Brushed Nickel Faucet

PN: 107197



2-Gallon Storage Tank

PN: 104946



TDS-EZ Water Quality Tester

More Info.

PN: 100877



*These cartridges are designed for all plastic-frame Sierra systems and newer metal-frame Sierra systems (purchased in 2005 or after).